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Learn the what, how, and why of eating well with dietitians and chefs — all covered by insurance

What is Pom?

Eating well


Tasty, healthy

Savoring flavor

Dining well


Eating well


Tasty, healthy

Savoring flavor

Dining well


covered by insurance

A little known secret...

Seeing a dietitian is often covered by your health insurance with no cost to you!

Flavorful, not just healthy...

We pair our dietitians with chefs to make sure good-for-you food tastes good too.

We'll do the heavy lifting...

Don't worry, we'll confirm with your health plan to make sure Pom is covered for you.

We're in-network with leading insurance providers

How It Works

Educating, inspiring, and supporting you to eat well


Start by going through personalized food & nutrition onboarding

Share your story with us! We want to know what you like to eat, where you are in your health journey, and your food goals. We'll use this to tailor your experience to be exactly what you need from Pom.


Join our chefs and dietitians in live, virtual classes

We're doing it LIVE! Not quite your typical cooking show... our chefs are making mouthwatering, nutrition-dense foods while our dietitians break down the science behind each ingredient. All with your questions and input!


Meet with a dietitian for a personalized care plan

Armed with the right insights from your onboarding, your dietitian will craft a care plan tailored to your food preferences to help you achieve your health and condition management goals.


Spice up your meals with always-on support

With (415) POM-PALS, you'll always have a friend to text for food inspiration. Whether you need a recipe idea for dinner, or ingredient swap suggestions, our Food & Nutrition team is always here to help with all of the moments in-between.

Customer Stories

We promise joy, trust, and ease

I really loved the Q&A where we could get health benefits explained. It's nice to know why we should eat certain things and that we don't necessarily have to stop eating the things we love! Having the RD really sets the class apart from any other cooking class.

Pom Member
New York

I learned way more information than I could just Google or read. It was a really fun way to do it – giving the actual tools instead of speaking in theoretical. Not making it boring and your classes are way less intimidating.

Pom Member

After I got diagnosed… so much of health is connected to nutrition, but not enough people are told that. My doctor mostly focused on my medication. This is way better to learn if how to deal with a certain condition, and what foods will help a person.

Pom Member

Clinical Team

Meet our trusted experts

Christopher Gardner, PhD

Dr. Christopher Gardner, is an award-winning nutrition researcher and Professor of Medicine at Stanford. Over the past 20+ years, his research has been focused on investigating the potential health benefits of various dietary components or food patterns using randomized controlled trials.

Emily Martorano, RD

Emily Morgan Martorano is a registered dietitian nutritionist offering nutrition coaching services to clients, brands and companies. She is the founder and CEO of her own virtual nutrition private practice. Emily empowers her clients to cultivate healthy relationships with food, while improving their health and eating habits. Her mission is to guide individuals towards sustainable yet healthful lifestyles, free from restrictive eating habits.

Joel Gamoran

Joel Gamoran is a nationally recognized chef, hailing from Sur La Table and host of Scraps on A&E and Homemade on PBS (launching this fall). He's the founder and host of Homemade Cooking, a live, virtual cooking class serving thousands of Americans each week.

Lourdes Castro, MS RD

Lourdes Castro, our Head of Food & Nutrition, has sat at the intersection of food and nutrition her entire career. She trained to be a dietitian at Columbia University, and currently sits on faculty at NYU as the Director of the NYU Food Lab. She's also a four-time published cookbook author, and has been a guest judge on shows like Beat Bobby Flay. Lourdes uses her unique background to lead Pom's team of dietitians and chefs.

Susan Hellerstein, MD

Dr. Susan Hellerstein, is a practicing OB/GYN surgeon at Mass General Brigham (MGB), a professor at Harvard Medical School, and a third-generation culinary clinician (her grandmother wrote the first cardiac diet cookbook). Over the last 3 years, she's been leading NuCook, a culinary clinic treating pregnant, perimenopausal, and menopausal women out of MGB.

Our team has taught and practiced at leading health institutions:

Our Philosophy

Redesigning the healthcare system around food

Eat more plants and cook with more whole ingredients

At Pom Health, we believe food is medicine. Food is what nourishes us, heals us, and brings us together.

Our Nutrition Philosophy

Inspired by our families

We both grew up in immigrant homes in the Midwest, where food was the centerpiece of our lives and a tie to our cultural heritage. We grew up on tahdig, dumplings, and the aromas of simmering stews. Recently, the foods of our childhoods were villainized as our parents were diagnosed with diet-related chronic conditions.

As healthcare operators who have worked to increase access to care, we were disappointed with the nutrition and lifestyle support our families received post-diagnosis. This inspired us to try to weave food and nutrition into the care experience!

Misha & Wilfred

Delicious food that
happens to be healthy

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