Finally nutrition care that’s fun and actionable

Let’s face it - healthcare is boring. So, we asked ourselves, how could we make eating healthy a little more... fun?

Our team of dietitians, doctors, and chefs are working together to help patients gain confidence and learn new skills for their health.

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Clinically Proven
Culinary medicine is an evidence-based, multi-disciplinary field of medicine that combines culinary arts, nutrition science, and medical education to prevent and treat diet-related disease
Immersive and Fun
Our approach brings the best parts of the Food Network to clinical care. Join in live with a community of like-minded patients to learn how to shop, cook, and eat your way to better health.
Lifelong Change
We believe the best path to long-term change is teaching you how to “fish.” Learn lifelong skills for a healthier diet in our classes!
We believe food is medicine. That’s why we are pioneering the use of culinary medicine as a core part of our approach

Our team has deep expertise across clinical care, nutrition research, and culinary excellence

Dr Susan Hellerstein, MD MPH
Clinical Lead
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Julie Lopez, RD
Registered Dietitian
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Joel Gamoran
Culinary & Content Lead
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Dr. Christopher Gardner, PhD
Scientific Advisor
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When our parents were first diagnosed with diabetes, we were shocked at how little lifestyle guidance they received even though they were highly motivated to make change.

They inspired us to build Pom: a nutrition platform that meets the 130M Americans managing diet-related conditions where they are, with consideration for their culture and condition.
Misha and Wilfred